Finding Hope

Parenting Challenging Children


Jodi Bean is available to speak to groups of any size  Contact or 801.376.9610


Laurel Abts, LFMT  801.501.8444 ext 20  11075 S State  Ste 28 Sandy, UT

Greenhouse Center, 801-785-1169  Pleasant Grove, UT

Educational Resources

New Hope Academy  American Fork, UT  801.772.1092

Therapeutic Horseback Riding

Hoofbeats to Healing

Reading Material

Love Lessons   Jodi Bean

Brain Gone Wrong  Dr Dean Belnap

Attachment, Trauma and Healing   Orlans and Levy

When Love Is Not Enough  Nancy Thomas

Other Links

Dr Bessel Van der Kolk

Dr Bruce Perry

Power Point Presentations

Brain Outline (coming soon)

Building Trust Outline (coming soon)